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superstar_x's Journal

19 May
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ABOUT A GIRL. My name is Ashley. I am 17 years old BITCH! I am A SENIOR at Woonsocket High School (CLASS OF 2005 BABY). I am involved with my school's Vocal Ensemble & Select Choir. I'm also the new Secretary of the Vocal Ensemble. I also made it into the Rhode Island All State Choir as the top 5th ranking Soprano 1. I sing in a band called Saving Society, and we're a pretty rockin group of teens. I am interested in going to college to be a makeup artist and to get my piercing license.

LIKES. photography; singing; writing; cooking; shopping; altering clothes; watching movies; drawing; making collages; playing with my band; going to shows; zip-up sweaters; grilled cheese with garlic powder; Forever 21; my job at the Dollar Tree

DISLIKES. homophobes; girls; mean cats; parents; not having money; homework; broken sewing machines; dying batteries; chores; fish; sausage on breakfast sandwiches; not having money; when people I love pass away



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